"Torch-It" which will help visually impaired people

Torch-It is a device which can do much more than the mainstream cane generally used. It is a hand held device which identifies the obstacles for the visually challenged peoples. It is easily mount on the cane, when visually improved people use cane; While in familiar area, they can't use cane because they know the fixed paths and obstacles; but what about variable obstacles, so torch-it also use like a torch (detached from cane).


To Replace the Traditional Cane by Torch-It.


To Help the Blind People to Walk Through Easily

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Torchit: Creating Vision, Not Sight

Torchit is a social venture that is dedicated towards the upliftment and empowerment of the specially-abled population.

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Different Ranges


While in familiar areas, when visually impaired people walking without cane; Torch-It can be detached from the white cane and be used as a torch. In this mode the obstacles detect up to 60 cms(2 foot).


When person walking in outdoors, torch-it can be attached with the normal white cane and can be used in the areas which are unfamiliar or new to the user. In this mode the obstacles detect up to 120 cms(4 foot).

Open Areas

when person walking in open areas i.e. gardens, roads, etc. In this mode the obstacles detect up to 180 cms(6 foot).

The Concept


Torch-it gives you, is a virtual hand, 0.8 to 1.5 meters of length or it can be customized accordingly. Its highly accurate as well as economical. It is easily attached on the normal cane or white cane. Or it can be used as torch, when visually impaired walking on the familiar area.

Features of Torchit

Ergonomic grip for comfortable

3 Adjustable detection range

More sensitive and advanced

7 days battery backup

Affordable price

Uniform vibrations


Easy attachment / detachment

Vibration increases as obstacle comes near

GPS and GSM feature for safety

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The age is not a barrier to enjoy in life. The fun you need in life doesn't deteriorate with age. Age is just a number it can't judge you and neither your happiness. So why should blind aged people suffer? We have Torch it which can assist them and help them easily stroll by the streets.

Being visually impaired doesn't impair your body. Your body is strong enough to do activities which a normal man can. Why not participate in sports? Blind man can participate in Paralympics and can showcase their inherent. Torch it is one such step which can motivate the showcase of talent.

The life is easy with eyes closed. The god takes away one sense and provides you with another. You're never incomplete. Blind people lose sight but not vision. The Braille scripts have been a motivating factor for blind children to learn new things. Why see, when you can hear. Being a good listener makes you more knowledgeable. Torch it is one such step towards providing the visually impaired a new life.

A hand in hand. Helping others is the supreme deed, but what will happen if you're alone or isolated. Being what is you are is the key. Torch it enables you to have the freedom to travel alone and prevent you from getting dependant on others for help.